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Isaac Hayes and Maxime Bernier shaking hands Mr. Hayes (Isaac), has admittedly not previously run for office at a municipal, provincial, or federal level, but has followed the politics of relevant jurisdictions over the years for his own interest and nature of his employment. He has been the Secretary of the EDA for riding of Saskatoon – University, and in the past represented the students for the University of Manitoba Senate position for two years during which we effectively dealt with the University of Manitoba Teachers Strike, advocating for the students.

What this brings the people of the Riding is a candidate that is a tested skillset for problem identification, problem solving and management, organization, teamwork, leadership in decision making, negotiation and conflict resolution, and general awareness of issues that address social, service, and economic concerns.

With new problems, new challenges, and new considerations on a daily basis to deal with the advantage for good government will be a team of people who have the ability and training to identify, learn, apply, and adapt to any situation, and address, overcome, and provide real solutions not hinderances to the Canadian People with every intent to find and achieve successful and balanced results for all engaged.

This skillset Is one your Candidate would assume should be required of every politician whom looks to represent people and their interests in how and why they are governed. A position he will live by as a Candidate for the Saskatoon - West Riding, Saskatchewan, and all Canadians.


Platform Policies

For the Individual

  • Reduce tax levels and complexity

  • Simplify tax code for credits and removal of special boutique tax credits

  • Reduce income tax (0% under $15K, 15% for $15K-$100K, and 25% for over $100K)

  • Abolish Carbon Tax

  • Reduce Corporate Tax to 10%

  • Reduce Farm Tax to 10%

  • Abolish Capital Gains Tax

  • Abolish Inheritance Tax

  • Abolish supply management practices for Dairy and Poultry industry

  • Replace Firearm Act and Repeal C-71

  • Prioritize new legislation for property rights

  • Protect parental rights

For the Province

  • Government in accordance with Canadian Constitution and Provincial responsibility

  • Reform and reduce Equalisation payments to provinces for fairness

  • Appropriate privatisation of Crown corporations to reduce tax payer costs

  • Abolish corporate welfare

  • Remove interprovincial trade barriers using Section 91(2) of Constitution

  • Healthcare funding and management transferred to provinces per constitution

  • GST transferred to provinces for use

  • Repeal C-48 & C-69 legislation

  • Use federal authority to enable energy projects of national benefit and security

For the Country

  • Protect & enhance freedom of expression by Repealing Section 13, M-103

  • Re-establish Canadian sovereignty

  • Foreign Policy focused on security and prosperity of Canadian Citizens

  • Withdraw from United Nations Agendas for Paris Climate Accord & Migration Compact

  • Focus on Economic Immigration

  • Substantially reduce foreign aid donations

  • Negotiate fair free-trade deals

  • Protect Canadian values from political and religious extremism

  • Balanced budget in 2 years

  • Smaller Federal Government

  • Prioritise First Nations agreements

For the Riding

  • Fully engage the 3 MP responsibilities to legislate in parliament, represent the riding, and serve the needs of all constituents

  • Work for the changes that affect all aspects of our daily lives to reduce financial burdens, right injustices, streamline systems, and add common- sense solutions for a better life

As Private Member

  • To work diligently to move forward presently idle legislation for Family Law reform, Child and Family Services Reform, Divorce Act (1968, 1985) Reform, Child-support Tax Law (1997) Reform, and push forward 50/50 Legislation

  • Establish Ministry of Buildings & Property


For further information on platform policies please refer to the official website: www.peoplespartyofcanada.ca We invite you to join the People’s Party of Canada for common sense government, be it as a member, a volunteer, a supporter, or just sharing ideas with friends. We are here to give you a strong voice and better choice election day!

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